Traditionally the interiors of ambulances have been made of lacquered pressed wood. For some years now, manufacturers have found in foamed PVC the material that has revolutionized their construction. This is because foamed PVC has a series of characteristics that make it ideal for this purpose. For years Uniplastic has been the exclusive agent for Iberia for VEKAPLAN, one of the largest manufacturers of Foamed PVC in the world. Based in Germany, it has materials specially designed for the manufacture of Ambulances and special vehicles.

  • Less Weight

Foamed PVC has a very low density (between 0.40 and 0.60 depending on its formulation and use). compared to lacquered wood it is practically half. This factor is key for ambulance manufacturers since they have a series of weight limitations in order to comply with the demanding regulations of the department of industry.

  • Lower fire load

PVC is a self-extinguishing plastic, that is, if there is no flame to keep the PVC burning, it will go out on its own. This factor is key to obtaining a very low fire load and therefore much safer and, of course, much lower than lacquered wood.

  • You don’t have to lacquer it

The finishes are important. aUnlike wood, PVC is already sold finished: matt or glossy white. This makes it much easier for manufacturers that all they have to do is machine the PVC sheets and place them. In the case of wood, it must be lacquered several times to give it the desired finish.

  • It is antibacterial

PVC contains a chlorine component in its molecule. Chlorine is an element that inhibits the proliferation of bacteria. This phenomenon gives PVC a substantial advantage in sanitary environmental settings.

  • Easy machining

The mechanization of foamed PVC is very simple and does not require special machinery. A manufacturer that still uses wood does not have to adapt his workshop since foamed PVC is cut and handled just like wood.

  • Greater durability

One of the intrinsic properties of plastics is that they are not affected by humidity and therefore do not degrade with water. This, in turn, prevents the development of fungi that can affect controlled healthcare environments.

  • Much more resistant

Foamed PVC far exceeds the useful life of lacquered wood. Furniture manufacturing is much more resistant and is machined in the same way, with conventional screws.