Rigid polypropylene

PRIPLAK® is not only the name of an emblematic company in the manufacture of Polypropylene sheets and rolls, it is also the product that has been manufactured and sold throughout the world, since 1973. The brand is now so well known that PRIPLAK® has become the generic term for polypropylene sheets.

The PRIPLAK® product is a strong but flexible plastic sheet, ideal for stationery, packaging, product communication and display.
One of the main characteristics of PP is its low density 0.91 in contrast to other much heavier plastics. It is a product that in its manufacture and recycling process does not pollute the environment since it only generates CO² by its combustion.


Priplak has 100% recycled polypropylene (R100), in different colors: black, red, blue, green and WHITE

Recycling polypropylene is a complex process due to the low density of this polymer (0.91 g/m3), some manufacturers are unable to fully recycle PP sheets and are forced to add virgin material.

Our manufacturer, Priplak, has managed to develop a manufacturing process that allows this to be done and offers a white material that is practically indistinguishable from non-recycled material.
They have the certification of the standard:

UNE-EN ISO 14021:2002