Polyethylene terephthalate glycol, known as PETG or PET-G, is a thermoplastic polyester that offers significant chemical resistance, durability, and formability for manufacturing. PETG is an adaptation of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) where the ‘G’ stands for glycol, which is added at the molecular level to offer different chemical properties. PET uses the same monomers as glycol-modified PETG, but PETG has greater strength and durability, as well as being more impact resistant and better suited for higher temperatures. Due to the low forming temperatures PETG is easily vacuum and pressure formed or heat bent, making it popular for a variety of consumer and commercial applications. PETG’s rigid structure means it can withstand harsh sterilization processes, making it an ideal substance for medical implants, as well as pharmaceutical and medical device packaging.


PETG is an imported product. Minimum order 2 tons per reference. have protective PE film on one or both sides

Our PETG stands out for its extreme transparency, rigidity and thermoformability. PETG sheet can be deep drawn thermoformed very easily without fear of turning white. The impact resistance against low temperatures is excellent and, therefore, it can be used for exterior signage during the winter.

Thickness Width Length Color
Films de PETG from 25μ Max. 1500 mm Max. 2600 mm Transparent,  colors and black


Thickness Width Lenght Color
Planchas de PETG To 5mm Max 1500mm Max. 2500 mm Planchas Transparent , traslucent and black

PETG is easily recycled

Using chemicals to break polymer chains and return to their original components. These components can then be used as raw materials for the manufacture of new polymers.

Recycling also prevents PETG products from breaking down into microscopic fragments that pollute the world’s oceans and water supplies, threatening aquatic life.

So while PETG, like all plastics, can be harmful to the environment, its recyclability can greatly reduce or eliminate this negative impact.


  • 1. Strong and profitable
    PETG’s strength and impact resistance mean it’s ideal for heavy-duty glazing and display units. It is also ideal for 3D printing products, displays and signage.

    2. Food safe and recyclable
    PETG is safe for use in food containers and beverage bottles. It’s also fully recyclable, reducing waste and potential negative environmental impact.

    3. Easily moldable
    PETG can be both vacuum formed and thermoformable and can withstand high pressure without cracking. It can be injection molded into a variety of shapes or extruded into sheets.

    4. Easily colored
    PETG is naturally transparent, allowing for unique effects, but it can also be easily colored and blended to create different looks.

    5. Non-toxic and odorless emissions

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