The use of plastics in the manufacture of folders is very common as it offers a much higher level of protection and useful life than other supports such as cardboard. Recycled or virgin rigid polypropylene is usually used since its low density, scratch resistance and flexibility make it the most suitable plastic. In addition, polypropylene is very easy to recycle and does not emit polluting substances into the environment during this process. For almost 20 years we have been marketing Priplak Polypropylene as exclusive agents in Iberia.


It is the polypropylene manufacturer with the longest production years in Europe, the one with the greatest manufacturing capacity and the one that invests the most in sustainable solutions. It was the first to achieve ISO 14021 quality, more than 14 years ago, in the development of the first 100% post-industrial recycled PP and the first to achieve 100% post-consumer recycled blank.