The development of plastics for the pharmaceutical industry are, without a doubt, the most demanding. Preserving the effectiveness of the different pharmaceutical components implies a high industrial development that is only within the reach of the most developed industries. At Pharma we talk about several different types of finishes and compositions with a greater or lesser barrier, especially in terms of moisture and oxygen, but also a UV barrier, light, etc. Uniplastic is an authorized distributor of Klöckner Pentaplast, world leader in the manufacture of advanced technical plastics for the pharma industry.


Layer composition: A.
PVC (single layer) with GMP Pharma certification. They are undemanding materials in the barrier and I would not apply them for their purpose


Composition AB or ABA, depending on whether it is symmetrical or asymmetrical. PVC-PVdC (Dichloride). Composed of a layer (mono PVC) plus a PVdC (dichloride) coating. These materials can have different degrees of PVdC coating from 20grs to 120 as standard and can be manufactured in two different ways.

1. Asymmetric:

Composition AB, with PVC-PVdC, as they said with a superficial coating. These materials can stress quite a bit during the thermoforming process.

2. Symmetrical:

Composition ABA, with PVC+ PVdC+PVC has a more protected barrier than the previous one since it is not exposed and also has better behavior during the thermoforming process since it does not stress as much as the asymmetric ones.


Composition ABC PVC-PE-PVDC. It is a type of composition that was used long before because the Polyethylene of the intermediate layer ensured a lot of adhesion between PVC and PVDC, but currently the DUPLEX already give an excellent result of union between layers.

  • ACLAR:

It is a material that provides a very high moisture barrier, particularly with respect to humidity. The most common layer composition is AB PVC- Polychlorotrifluoroethylene, PCTFE.


(PVC/ACLAR®/PVdC/PVC) Apart from ACLAR, it is the material with the highest moisture barrier. It incorporates a layer of PVdC of 120 grams.