Polycarbonate is a synthetic material with excellent properties, light, ultra resistant, saves energy, is safe and widely used in civil construction. This thermoplastic polymer, obtained from carbonic acid, is used to manufacture sheets or panels to replace glass or crystal.


Polycarbonate Films:

From 75 microns. It is used as a substrate film for prints for FIM (Film Insertion Mold), IMD/IML processes with different surface textures such as polished, velvet, matt and suede. Scratch resistance, flame retardant, light diffusion, etc.

Import orders only: (check delivery time):

Possibility of special measures. Minimum order 2 tons. Special prices full loads

Thickness Width Length Colors/Finished
Film de PC 75μm ~ 1,0 mm max 1650 mm Max 1000 Mts /linear roll Transparent shine, mate, silk.

Polycarbonate sheets:

From 1 to 40mm. Ultra-resistance to unbreakable impact. The PC sheet is co-extruded UV resistant and weather resistant. Our PC sheets are UL V0 and V2 certified using their excellent flame retardant characteristics.

Import orders only: (check delivery time):

Possibility of special measures. Thickness from 3 ~40mm. Minimum order 5 tons

Thickness Width Length Colors/Finished
PC Sheets 3mm ~ 40 mm max 2050 mm max 4000 mm Transparent. colors, black

Light difussion PC:

PC light diffusing sheet is widely used for advertising and lighting, especially for LED advertising channels, letters and lighting covers. up to 2M x 4M. Light diffusion foil boasts unmatched brightness regardless of LED usage.

Import orders only: (check delivery time):

Possibility of special measures. Thickness 2, 3, 4.5mm. Minimum order 2 tons.


Thickness Width Length Colors/Finished Others
Light difussion PC 2mm – 3mm- 4,5mm 1220 x 2440 
1520 x 3040 
2 x 4Mt – 1 x 2Mt transparent difussion Flame Retardant
V0 / V2  UL listed


it is 100% recyclable.

The plates and elements made of polycarbonate, once their useful life is over, are likely to be recycled to be reused and give them a second life.

Through the correct recycling processes, we can create new polycarbonate sheets with all the usual guarantees.

More information about our manufacturer

All sales, production, quality and shipping management is carried out as specified in the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and is complemented by the factory MES system.
This allows us to better serve our customers more efficiently and ensure customized quality production.

To perform these missions, our laboratory standard always maintains our quality control level as high as possible by constantly and critically analyzing our products using various advanced testing and analysis devices.
Those analysis results are reported and accumulated so that we can develop new and/or better products and perform custom quality control.

All our efforts and R+D+i activities using 2 lines of Pilot machines for thin films and thick sheets are one of the most important segments that make up the future of Plastech.
Through this type of trial and error, we will develop the ability to deal with rapidly changing market trends, environmental and ocean pollution, plastic issues, and sustainable future product portfolio.