Given its structure (interior formed by perpendicular divisions that separate the two outer plates), it is extremely light and easy to handle and admits, similar to other rigid plastics, signage and screen printing. Cellular polypropylene comes from polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic polymer that is used in many applications in sectors as diverse as packaging, office and stationery products, all kinds of plastic components, reusable containers, medical equipment. , speakers and components for the engine, among others.


Thickness Width Color
Extruded corrugated polypropylene sheet (TWINWALL) from 2mm a 20mm Diferent standard width white and colors
Extruded corrugated polypropylene sheet GRAPHICAL INDUSTRY from 2mm a 20mm Diferent standard width white and colors
Extruded polypropylene sheet WITH CELL STRUCTURE from 2mm a 20mm Diferent standard width white and colors


Polypropylene is easily recycled

Recycling PP consumes much less energy than creating new PP products from fossil fuels. Estimates suggest that recycled PP emits 88% less CO2 than if it is produced from scratch. The demand for recycled PP is strong. The Plastic Recyclers Association estimates that the industry can gobble up more than a billion pounds of this material each year.

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Founded in 1984 and is specialized in the extrusion of high quality plastic sheets. Continuous investments in high-tech extrusion plants and constant research and development have given us the ability to supply our customers with high-quality, competitive products. A drive for innovation, entrepreneurship, open communication and no-nonsense politics are core values ​​that have made it one of the market leaders in its industry. Quality is key. High-quality products are the result of careful quality standards and sophisticated procedures. The company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996.